Hello!! This Is Nate, Mike, and Dave! We are about to board our plane in Omaha enroute to Houston where we have a direct flight to Paris after a 2 hour layover there. We will lose 7 hours on our way there. The direct flight is 9.5 hours long and we are hopeful to get some rest on the way. We will leave at 3pm in Houston and reach Paris at 7:45am, effectively skipping nighttime.

Weather in Paris should be rainy when we arrive, but hopefully clear up in the folowing days. Thanks for the support and prayers, we really can’t share how blessed we feel for everyone who is behind us and it is overwhelming that so many have responded to our requests for help in making this a reality for us. We will make every effort to keep this updated in the upcoming days, so continue to check back! =)


We just want to say thanks to all who helped out with the garage sale fund raiser. I was a GREAT success and we raised approximately $3,237  for our trip and possible future trips as well. So you not only helped us in our trip, but future trips too!

teams as well!  People were also so kind and donated funds to the purchase of a solar water pump. So needless to say it was a terrific day!!

There is absolutely no way I could mention everyone who had a hand in making this a success like it turned out to me. Some worked more than others (I know personally, some of you blew me out of the water in terms of hours spent!) But each person large or small, contributed their part.

Here is a link to our story on NTV News! CLICK ME!

Join the weekend worriers, the bargain hunters, sale sifters to get some great/slightly used stuff…all while helping us get to the Congo this July! The garage sale will be in the garage behind the church and will be on June 5 (4-8 p.m.) and Saturday June 6 from 8-1:00 p.m. We are collecting anything and everything to sell at our garage sale fundraiser. So bring something to sell and bring some $$ just in case you find something you can’t live without! And just in case you get hungry or thirsty while hunting we will provide homemade baked goodies and an array of chilled beverages! Hope to see you there!garage-sale-signs

Blowing bubbles with childrenMore photos added from the areas we will be headed. Gemena is where we will be working with the widows and orphans. Tandala is where the hospital is located.


Here’s how YOU can help with our mission directly by donating right here! If you feel led to give, we would greatly appreciate it and encourage you to send us an email – we would love to talk more about what we will be doing.

Please go here to help: http://www.mikenyff.com/2009/05/donations-greatly-accepted-here

Here is the video posted on the GlobalFingerprints website. It tells all about the great work they are doing with orphans in the Congo region. Notice the red backpacks – that is the sign of a GF sponsored child!