Well our journey here is finally on it’s last day. We stayed a comfortable night in Bangui and will be headed to the airport in a few hours. Its really strange yet familiar to come back to the city we first got our first taste of what Africa is like. Familiar in the sense that the sights, smells, sounds, and tastes we first experienced here will forever be etched in our memory as the place that started the long journey. Strange in the way that the city seems so different to what we experienced the other %90 of our journey. The poverty of the rural Congolese jungle – the mud huts, chickens and goats everywhere – we met so many lights of hope in that darkness we hopefully will never forget.

We cannot wait to see ALL our friends and family back home and to share a taste of what our experiences where here. Not all were great – on the way back we spent an hour stuck in a giant mud puddle in the poring rain. But the good ones – like the inspiring Godly people we met – will always stay with us.

So as we say good bye to the people who took care of us, the people who rode with us, and to the people we will leave behind we feel blessed to have been able to come to this place and know we are seeing brothers and sisters in Christ.

See you soon!