As our time here in Gemena comes to a close, we look back at everything that has happened here and are overwhelmed by it all. Luckily we have the pictures of our time here to remind us of the grand scenery and activities we participated in. Yet, the atmosphere will never truly be recreated once we leave, but we will stubbornly cling to our impressions and memories that have been created in our minds and our hearts.

We have met more children than we can count or possibly remember, each one we find as precious and invaluable. We do our best to interact with them and play games just to see the beautiful smiles upon their faces. Joy shines brightly from behind their eyes as they engage in games of soccer, basketball, or something as simple as playing with balloons.

We also have to tell you all about a man we met who has probably the biggest task in all of Africa. His name is Deolo and he is head of the HIV/AIDS ministry in the Congo. He is very passionate about fighting the desease because eight members of his family have died from AIDS. Now he fights everyday to curb its’ effects by encouraging, educating, and empowering the Congolese people. He has a heart the size of Africa and that’s exactly what we need doing this work here. We also are excited for you all to meet because we got a chance to sit him down for an interview.

We are finishing up our last day here in Gemena and are hitting the (bumpy) road for Tandala tomorrow. We are very excited to see what the hospital is lik as this is the spot were we will be installing the solar powered pump purchased for the hospital. It will be a great place to end our time in the Congo!