7a.m. Sunday morning we arrived in Paris dreary eyed and dazed from the long day of traveling but very happy to have made it safely and all of our luggage arriving in one piece. We soon were met by our friends Fatmat and Mudu who gave Dave a ride to the hotel to meet up with his daughter Amy and Nate and I to their house where we will be staying during our time here. It was Mudu’s birthday and he was planning to have 30 people over to celebrate, and so we were invited to the part too! Fatmat, Mudu and many of thier friends are originally from the Comoros Islands near  Madagascar, Africa. It was great talking to them and learning about Paris and Comoros!

For our remaining time here in Paris we tried to see many of the famous landmarks of the city: Notre Dame, the Eiffle Tower, the Louve, and the Arch de Triumph to many a few. It was an overwhelming experience as well as triring, but we are now packing qnd getting ready for our flight to Congo. There, we will try and put up some pictures.